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As many of you are aware, the Minnesota Mailers Association (MMA) has worked diligently to maintain a full Board of Directors (BOD) and to attract new members with interest in helping to keep the traditions and mission of the MMA going. At this point in time, each of the current BOD have been serving for multiple terms and most are getting ready to leave the board due to career  reassignments, retirement or term limits having been extended and then again been met.

In August, we called a special meeting for our voting members on this situation, hosting a brainstorming luncheon to let everyone know what we were facing, gather input for the future and enlist participation in implementing growth. Although involvement was very limited, the BOD continued to brainstorm towards a hopeful set of goals for the growth needed to guarantee ongoing success in keeping the value of our organization’s mission.

With genuine respect for our members careers and their own time constraints, the BOD has made the very difficult decision to dissolve the Minnesota Mailers Association. 

We are proud and thankful for the many years (43!) of successful and enjoyable interactions we have shared with all of you and are certain we will continue to do so.

We owe all of you a special Thank You. It is for who you are, and what you do, and have done, in our industry. It is you that have made your fellow MMA members proud of you for what you provide to so many customers, coworkers and work staff daily! Your hard work and dedication is noticed, valuable and important.

Respectfully ~ Your current and past MN Mailers Board members

Going forward, we feel that it is important to support industry organizations like the MMA.  The MMA Board of Directors encourages all of its former members to support the Twin Cities Postal Customer Council (TCPCC).  Their longstanding and proven track record makes us very comfortable to assure they will continue to support our industry with new postal information as it becomes available. Their extensive and frequent networking events and opportunities will keep the tradition going for all of us to grow in our knowledge and abilities.

We are happy to announce The TCPCC will be taking over the MMA annual golf event.  We are glad to announce the longstanding and successful annual MMA industry golf tournament is being picked up by the TCPCC. They will now be the hosts of this event. We encourage you to continue showing your support by participating in this always fun and great networking opportunity event. 

If you are interested in more information about the golf event and other TCPCC upcoming events and opportunities, please contact Bill LeVoir, industry Co-Chair of the TCPCC.  He is happy to get you on their mailing list if you are not already, and to make sure you are included in their membership to receive industry updates and new postal information.  He can be reached at 612-378-6219 or you can email him at  For additional information about the TCPCC and upcoming events, go to their website at


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